Project Task (29.10.13)

We will be discussing the ideas you have started to develop for your Project. Please prepare a list of questions and the key points that you wish to discuss in relation to your subject. Also, send me or make sure your bring along a small selection (6-10 images)  of your own photography that can give credence to and excite me in your ability to undertake the project that you have chosen.

I want to photograph people who are on the fringes of society, either people I am yet to meet or my friends. My dream would be to travel to different towns or even different countries to sought my subjects. However, for my project as it stands it would be more attainable to locate these sorts of people here in Coventry or in neighbouring cities. I’ve been inspired by the likes of Eugene Richards, Marie Hald, Nan Goldin and Ryan McGinley. Youth, outsiders, transgender, sexuality, drugs, the bizarre and social conforms are things I’d like to focus on.

The images I’ve chosen are all of people living and/or from Coventry. Some are friends. Some are strangers. Some are strangers who have become friends. One is of me (oops). One is my brother. All are exciting characters and are ones I want to continue to follow. The characters depicted here are some of the following: bisexual, gay, drug takers, bipolar, autistic and homeless. I want to find others like them and document their goings on and day to day lives. The image of myself naked and drunk is the threshold I’d like to hit, but of other people, my friends would be the first step, strangers who really intrigue me the final step.


How do I narrow the gap between subject and photographer? How do I get that close it’s as if I’m one of them? How do I go beyond the normal comfort zones with a complete stranger? How do I locate my subjects? How do I get strangers to let me in? How can I photograph them so passively it’s as if I’m not there?What do I want to show? How do I photograph them? Where do I photograph them-in their own environment or in a studio? What do I want to depict? What issues do I want to explore? What stories do I want to tell? How do I get people interested in the images?

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