For The Remix

A series of photographs taken by Jonathan Worth of author Cory Doctorow are now available for you to remix, regenerate, and to make new art, especially in light of the themes and topics of his books.

Your challenge is to make something new out of the photos, or better yet, remix of someone else’s remix.

WARNING! Contains flashing images:

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, journalist and science fiction author. Doctorow is also an activist in favour of liberating copyright laws and a proponent of the creative commons. The latter part influenced my remix piece.

I created my remix using clips solely licensed for commercial use. This would reinforce Doctorow’s beliefs in liberating copyright and reflect how someone else’s footage/images could be made into something new. I located all of the video clips through the creative commons search engine, which has proved most effective and helpful over recent weeks. Upon learning that Doctorow was an, ‘activist’ a certain eye-grasping image sprang to mind.

'New Amazon' by Guillaume Herbaut

‘New Amazon’ by Guillaume Herbaut

The image depicts Inna Shevchenko, an activist for Ukrainian feminist group, FEMEN, taken by photographer Guillaume Herbaut (winner of World Press Photo’s second prize in the portrait category). The raised fist evokes assertiveness; the bright coloured ribbons and headdress reinforce femininity and a sense of protest. The nakedness is rebellious and provides a more complex representation of the exposed female torso. This image for me represents the image of an ‘activist’ effectively and are elements I wanted to emulate in my remix.

I wanted to make my video to resemble that of a party or protest, wild and rebellious, tapping into the stereotyped image of an ‘activist’. I chopped up and mixed video clips of girls partying in nightclubs and at the beach to reinforce this, as well as a sense of excitement and campaigning for something ‘new’. Remixes, multimedia and working with other creative footage are quite new phenomenon. I wanted to create the impression that these characters in the video are creative commons activists, the image of Cory Doctorow (painted by Paul Wright from a photograph by Jonathan Worth) being their icon, which everything radiates from. I put a filter over the video clips to make them appear more psychedelic and colourful, reflecting the colours within the painting. I incorporated the copyright sign, which I made in Photoshop to reinforce these notions of copyright laws and creative commons. I used the phrase, ‘Liberate Copyright’ to reinforce what Doctorow stands for as well as clips from the ‘Piracy is a Crime’ advert all to convey my message of supporting copyright laws.

The title ‘Destroy your Icons’ links to this idea of creating new media out of old media created by others. Instead of looking up to them, ‘destroy’ them. Take their work and make it more exciting. ‘Icon’ also links to how I’m trying to portray Doctorow as an icon for copyright activists, encouraging people to take this issue even further than he.

Remix includes:

Photographs of Cory Doctorow by Jonathon Worth-

A portrait of Cory Doctorow painted by Paul Wright from a photograph by Jonathan Worth-

Video material found on YouTube under the Creative Commons license including:
Amnesia nightclub footage- and
Spring Breakers remixed trailer- and
‘Piracy is a Crime’ trailer-
Visualized data-

Music found on SoundCloud: Birdy Nam Nam- Goin’ In ( Skrillex Remix) by David Heartbreak-

Remix Video is licensed: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)


  1. Most excellent and a powerful message! I really liked the sandwiching of the piracy messages, and its great to see a remix that is already second generation via the Wright painting.We need more assertion of remix than kowtowing to restrictions.

    I am putting your video on the FTR remix site, but please enter some info in the web form

    so we can make sure we keep track of your awesomeness.

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