‘Becoming Me’ A Post Photographic Portrait

‘Becoming Me’ tells the story of Kate, a female who was born a male and her journey to find happiness. Whilst transsexualism, gender and sexuality are topics, which have been explored artistically by numerous practitioners, this short documentary offers a unique perspective and offers a voice on a minority, which is rarely heard. The pice is set out to encourage other trans individuals in Britain to tell their story and challenge the image society has of trans people.

To create my video I used family photographs belonging to my subject, footage found using creative common filters/search engines and my own video footage, all to create an interesting visual journey to illustrate *Kate’s journey of finding her place in the world. I created a soundscape using sound effects licensed for commercial use, audio taken from conversations with my subject and a piano piece which is a cover by friend Katie Turnbull of ‘Tarnation’ by Max Avery Lichtenstein.

The video is that of montage and highlights the power of re-working and remixing other peoples images and works to create something new and tell a new story.

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