Presentation Draft and Feedback

Feedback of initial presentation:

1) The clip from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels shows a man learning how to become a gentleman (social) as opposed to masculine (cultural/gender). Whilst I chose this clip to reinforce that acts, gestures and behaviours are mimicked it reminded me that I should select a clip which expresses the “performative” nature of gender not class.

2) Volumes levels-must ensure that my voice is heard and that sounds fade into one another smoothly.

3) The ‘Evolution’ clip-my suggestion that ‘Photoshop=Digital Drag put my point across so this extra video which basically evidences the same thing is quite repetitive. By removing or cutting the clip short will free up time to focus on conclusion/amend other parts of the video.

4) Speed-some clips flash quite fast. This was to create the feeling that visual media bombards us. Some images need longer pauses however.

5) Voice-some words are pronounced incorrectly (Roo-paul as opposed to R U Paul), other parts need to be more direct, “I hope to convince you…”

6) Conclusion needs to be tighter and amended. Video cuts short which was an issue during post-production so can be easily amended.

7) Finesse the edit-ensure clips are tight, fluid and audio coherent.


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