All Things Sugar and Spice

“I don’t think you’re really a woman, unless you’re a blond, you know?” (Gia)

In my “Everything is Parody” post I explored those remarkable female icons whose styles and traits resonate even in modern culture for both women, cross dressers and drag artists. I wanted to create a sort of catalogue of references so when it comes to creating and styling my final images I know what exactly I want to achieve. As I’ve been focusing mainly on femininity so far, I decided to create a mood board of all those Hollywood starlets, icons, scenes, films and fashions which have been a source of imitation to both males (trans, drag) and females. There’s Lolita blowing pink bubble gum, David Hamilton’s nymphets, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot and so on. Below is my mood board:


To read in more detail on our obsession with youthfulness and the sexualisation of young women in visual media please refer to these previous posts: Sex, American Apparel and Baby Soft, KK & TT. These show typical and traditional representations of femininity in western culture which has influenced our ideas of “ideal” femininity.

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