Love Magazine New Blood Issue

Love Magazine’s New Blood Issue from back in 2007focused on featuring unique talents who were all under the age of 21 from across the globe. It didn’t matter what the precise nature of the talent had yet define itself, or if the individuals concerned didn’t know what they wanted to be when they grew up. All the better: that undefinedness, that openness to possibility was exactly what the issue was trying to capture. The people that were caught in that moment of freedom and chaos when they have outgrown 24 hour parental supervision but are still gloriously innocent of the mundane responsibilities of adulthood: awake to their own potential but not yet confirmed success.

All the individuals captured in the issue are driven by an overwhelming need to be their own person, at all times and in a way that makes them entirely unique, that makes their lives difficult even, never satisfied with settling for the easy route of doing what all their friends are doing or what society expects of them. Because if you know you have what it takes to become somebody, why bother with being just anybody? I can’t define what it is that united all of the individuals captured on the pages of this issue of Love Magazine. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to: to do so would be a disservice to what makes them unique. Suffice to say that they all have a spark. A spark I have also found in my own subjects. Below are some images from the issue which features a wide array of unique individuals where gender bending appears to be all the rage!

The editorial featuring Alex, an 18 year old from Birmingham channelling a little Bowie and punk, is cool and edgy but what’s more gender bending. He’s pretty; his items and gestures somewhat feminine. The shots resemble that of Sam Riley in Anton Corbjin’s movie of the quick rise and sudden death of Ian Curtis entitled, “Control”. Curtis too experimented with wearing eye make-up, dressing flamboyantly and was notorious is his hometown for being tall and dark. Such notions I feel are evident in this editorial. It’s like something from a move scene. These images remind me of the importance of minute details in images.


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