Barney’s and Candy Magazine


In January 2014 Barney’s unveiled its Spring advertisement campaign entitled, “Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters” which featured seventeen transgender models in black and white photographs captured by Bruce Weber. Dennis Freedman, former creative director of W magazine was the creative muscle behind the campaign. Freednman wanted to raise awareness for the often misunderstood and definitely marginalized transgender community. Fashion advertising has a strangehold on our reality and perceptions of “ideal” masculinity and femininity. Campaigns like this could help revolutionize societys perceptions of transgender individuals, who seem to be lagging behind the advances of the L.G.B communities. The campaign highlights the beauty and humility of an otherwise marginalized part of society.

The fashion world appears to be growing a conscious by breaking gender stereotypes and moving away from the skinny blonde female archetype in favour of beautiful transsexuals and transgender individuals. However, Barney’s Spring campaign has broke new boundaries and is unlike other fashion campaigns. The campaign has given transgender individuals a voice, a spot light, a chance to show off their strength, beauty and fearlessness to break the otherwise rigid gender mould.

Another new and exciting but what’s more gender and socially defying thing is Candy Magazine. Candy Magazine is a new magazine for transversals. It featured the beautiful Jared Leto posing in drag. Leto recently played an Aid’s stricken transsexual in Hollywood gender bender “Dallas Buyers Club” and these photos attest to the performative nature of gender. How pretty is he?! These images are extremely outlandish, moving away from the sorts of images I want to create. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see a mainstream star pose in the opposite gender which I feel helps promote and raise awareness to this social minority. Oh and if you haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club. Do. Just do.


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