Creative CV

Upon completing my degree at Coventry University I will carry on working as an assistant photographer for Dark Lens and Digital Flow, where I will continue to cover a wide array of events and build on my technical lighting and studio skills. However, I do hope to broaden my horizons and seek new job opportunities. I would love to begin assisting other photographers that are based in London that have a lager audience and clientele with useful and big named contacts with others within the industry. I want to learn from the best thus improving my own skills as a photographer. Thus, my creative CV is vital in ensuring I grasp the attention of those who I really would love to work with. I found it extremely difficult in selling my self through this CV as I feel I haven’t had much experience in the industry.

Nonetheless, I wanted to make it clear that I am a driven, passionate and hard working individual who is willing to learn. I wanted to include an image from my series entitled, “Gender Benders” which will feature at my end of year degree show. I felt this would evidence my interest in portraiture photography, gender identity and my ability to push new creative boundaries. I want my images to challenge society, force people to questions what is a “normal” gender identity and re-definine what is beauty in a person: diversity. However, upon sharing this initial idea with my peers they suggested that I shouldn’t include such an image. Instead I should include a self-portrait in my CV so people can put a face to my name. I feel my CV could be a lot stronger but was unsure on how to formulate it.

Sophie Creative CV

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