Exhibition Involvement

My role in relation to the production of the degree show is as a participant of the marketing team to ensure the event gathers momentum, gains a lot of attention and achieves a sense of excitement for the works being displayed at the exhibition. The works featured explore a range of topics and subjects by fresh new and upcoming talent and it was important that this was shared with the larger public to ensure the degree got a good response and turn out. Social networking and social media have proved to be really helpful platforms to share our work and get the word out there about the exhibition.

Independently I have continued to share behind the scene shots from my photo sessions for my project. My end of year photographic project entitled, “Gender Benders” features individuals who have non-conforming gender identities. These include an array of trans* identities, drag artists and gender fluid individuals. By sharing my images on Facebook I have managed to broaden my audience, got people excited for my final images and have grasped the attention of other individuals who would like to get involved in the project or at least can relate to the identities I have already captured. This is great in engaging new audiences and potentially lengthening the life span of this project. I hope to continue to photograph trans* individuals so its wonderful that more and more people are beginning to approach me simple for seeing them on my social networks!

I have used my existing social networking and communication skills but feel I need to develop them much further. Social media is free and posting your work takes literally seconds so I should be sharing my work a lot more frequently. This will help build my brand, gage a wider audience and ensure my project will be an on going one encouraging more participants to get involved. Upon reflection I feel I should have begun to share my works and creative processes a lot sooner but due to a busy schedule and holding down a part time job, I’ve been restricted for time. Another platform I feel I should take more advantage of is twitter as this too has the potential to reach a wider and much richer audience. Photographers that I follow may take interest in my works, offer feedback and may even offer some work experience perhaps. Maybe this is too optimistic. Nonetheless, with this fleeting thought in mind I will begin to post or rather tweet a few behind the scene shots of me editing my final photographs and tag the IMG19 page on my twitter account. I will continue to post behind the scenes footage, images and teasers in the lead up to the exhibition, hopefully daily, to gather momentum and get people excited!

As well as working independantly on sharing my own works and develpoing my own slef-promotive, communication and social networking skills I have also had to ensure I help out with other people in the marketing team. We were given the responsibility of creating flyers and posters which will be displayed in and around the city and handed out closer to the time of the exhibition. We have to make sure that people know about this exciting event and our marketing materials have to be of highly professional standard.

The marketing team came together a few weeks ago to discuss what needed to be done and update one another on the development of  tasks undertaken so far.  First on the agenda was to make the final decision regarding the design of our logo. Many people put forward different designs and ideas for the logo which made it quite difficult in deciding on a final one, especially as we had to decide as a team with conflicting schedules and opinions. We opted for the latter designs displayed below, as we thought these were the most eye catching and decided that we could print multiple versions, using different images from everyones work for the background of the poster, enabling individual work to be promoted at the same time. It is a simple and dynamic design and clear to understand. We didn’t want the posters and flyers to be over crowded and I’m very pleased with the designs the marketing team have produced so far.

Due to my lagging time management skills I have been unable to attend all of the marketing team meetings due to my part time job. Nonetheless, I have done my best in communicating with all of the marketing team members online via email, Google Drive and Facebook to ensure my ideas and opinions are heard when making final decisions. I have also created mock up versions of posters which feature my own work which could be used in helping to promote and market the event. Upon reflection I feel I could have been more involved but in the coming weeks I will push harder as my prints and final images are now completed I now have more time in promoting others works in the class. I will share their work on all my social networks, encouraging others to go check are rocking talent and works out!

Mock Up Exhibition Poster

Mock Up Exhibition Poster

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