Initial Shoots

To find subjects for my project which explore the wide variety of people that make up the equally as varied (and complex) gender spectrum I began documenting the queer community by going out in gay bars. I got to know a few, although none of them actually feature in my final images, it was a delightful experience.

It’s taken me three years to discover that to be a good photographer, to get images that you like and are proud of, you can’t just sit on your backside and expect for magic to fall from the sky. I love portraiture, I love interesting people and so decided to, as I have my entire life, follow the people that interest me; the type that never yawn or say a common place thing. I took a disposable camera. I did continue to take my Nikon but thought it be too intrusive for what I sought to do. Below are the results from my outings with those of the queer scene:




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