Degree Show for Matt

Degree Show

Degree Show for Matt and Signatures

Degree Show for Matt and Signatures

My role in relation to the production of the degree show was as a participant of the marketing team to ensure the event gathered momentum, gained a lot of attention and achieved a sense of excitement for the works being displayed at the exhibition. It was important to market the event professionally and with the larger public to ensure the degree got a good response and turn out. This would help boost our reputability, be beneficial in promoting our work and also potentially gage future opportunities.

Social networking, self-promotion and behind the scenes footage shared online was and continues to be an efficient and easy way of promoting the exhibition whilst also having the potential to reach a large number of people. Working alone I have continued to share behind the scene photographs of my project and research on various networks including Facebook, Twitter and my blog. However, I could have done a lot more in promoting the degree show. I feel I should have begun sharing my work and creative processes sooner and more frequently. This would have assured a steady flow of interest within my project and the event. Upon reflection I feel I could have marketed myself and the exhibition a lot better if I had managed my time more effectively. I should have also promoted others works and shared them online to help gage a wider more varied audience.

The marketing team have continued to produce teasers to promote the event as well as posters, flyers and so on. Again due to my job and management of time I have been unable to fully participate in the production of these marketing materials. However, I have attended various meetings where decisions were made about the visual aspects of posters, flyers and leaflets and I submitted work to feature within them online. The degree show has made me realise the difficulty of working within a team and meeting at times where everyone is available. As a result, I ensured my works were available online and sustained contact with people via email and Facebook, proving that I could participate in the team, even if it was digitally.

Overall, I feel if I had managed my time more effectively and made more time for the marketing of the event more could have been achieved as a team member. However, using my own social network and self-promotion skills I have promoted my own works and gained online attention. I will continue to promote the event online and will also be working shifts at the gallery this week.

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